Why Do I Need a Gas Fitter?

Why Do I Need a Gas Fitter?

If you have gas appliances or gas heat in your house, you might find yourself in need of a gas fitter in Ballina. So, what exactly does a gas fitter do?

When you hire the experts at Jaypee Plumbing, you have access to a wide range of services, including gas fitting in Ballina, that you can take advantage of for repairing and maintaining your gas lines. Here are the most common jobs we perform.

Gas Appliance Installation

If you’re having gas appliances installed in your home, you must have a gas fitter do the job. In some places, it’s illegal to do this job yourself so having a professional do it means ensuring that it’s done properly and that all codes are met and permits are acquired. This includes gas stoves, fireplaces, hobs and hot water systems.

Gas Testing

A gas fitter can also test gas lines and appliances to be sure they are safe and are installed correctly. Once the test is complete, your gas fitter will provide you with certification or written acknowledgement that your appliance tested safely and that it’s safe to use.

Make sure you keep any documentation you’re given in a safe place in case you need it in the future. This proves that you didn’t try to do the work yourself and that it was performed by a certified gas fitter.

Changes to Your Gas Lines

Whether you’re upgrading your appliances or need other changes made to the gas lines, you need a gas fitter to do the job. Much like having gas appliances installed, this job must be done by a professional is not a do it yourself sort of task.

Your gas fitter should be certified to complete the work and should be able to provide you with safety documentation when it’s finished.

Gas Maintenance and Service

To ensure that your gas appliances and hot water system continue to work properly, it’s a good idea to have them serviced and maintained according to the manufacturer’s directions.

Your hob needs to be cleaned regularly, but if it’s not working, a gas fitter can help you figure out why.

Your gas fire should be serviced every couple of years. Anytime you’re having an issue with your gas, call a gas fitter because it can be dangerous to try and fix the problem yourself.

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When you need anything to do with gas fitting in Ballina, call us at Jaypee Plumbing. We can undertake repairs and do an annual service as well as install new gas systems and appliances.