We all like to think of ourselves as handymen, don’t we? A dab hand with our little tool kit. Change the spark plugs on the car. Rewire a plug. Change a washer. Unfortunately, many of us aren’t as practical as we would like to think. As time rolls on, simple things can become much more complicated than we think. 

At one time, practically everyone could do their own mechanics, but look at cars nowadays. Look at the once simple telephone. All of these things have evolved from their originally simple designs. It is the same with the trades, plumbing being one of them. 

Call The Experts At Jaypee Plumbing Ballina

Plumbing is now more complicated than it once was. Instead of all round handymen, we have professionals dedicated to one trade. So, if you have a problem with plumbing in Ballina, it is better to leave it up to the professionals. 

For that reason, we at Jaypee Plumbing would like to point out some common costly mistakes most Ballina residents make.

Back Away From The Drain O

  • Reaching for the liquid drain cleaner as soon as you find a blockage in one of your sinks. Not only that but using way too much over the recommended amount. Some blockages can be dealt with like that, but as this is highly corrosive, it doesn’t do your system much good. 

Don’t DIY

  • Back to the leaky tap and replacing the washer. Usually if the washer is faulty through wear, so this may also happen to the other components that go with it. You have to replace all of them or you are back to square one, maybe even worse with your DIY plumbing.

Turn Off Water Supply

  • Forgetting to turn off your water supply at the mains and draining your piping system before attempting any repairs. This is almost a given for people who are having a go at their own plumbing.  Suddenly, the house becomes flooded, which can damage all sorts of things.

Shut-Off Valves

  • Breaking off the shutoff valves next to your sink or toilet are favourites too. These valves tend to stick if they aren’t used in a while. The plastic thread or tape used to seal them becomes welded to the threads. In frustration would-be plumbers usually get all mean and macho, applying too much force and snapping them off.

Tiny Details

  • Using the wrong thread tape that is used to seal the joints is another mistake. Also, many wrap it around backwards, which defeats the object. These tiny details are common knowledge to the experienced plumber but the home-diy-expert is often not so knowledgable.

Call A Plumber

Above are a few simple, but common mistakes that amateur plumbers make. Although simple, they can lead to more serious problems. They are all good for a laugh until they start costing you money.

So, if you have a problem with plumbing in Ballina, call the experts, Jaypee Plumbing, and we will sort you out without all the drama. Contact us through our message page or give us a call.  

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