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Jaypee Plumbing offers leak detection Ballina homes and businesses can depend on to quickly and accurately identify the source of the leak, as well as complete an effective repair.

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Signs that you may have a leak

Although a burst pipe or stuck tap is causing a major leak that needs an emergency solution, in other cases you may have a leak, but it won’t be as obvious. Slow leaks are, as the name suggests, minor leaks that may remain undetected for some considerable time. Unfortunately, if left unchecked they may cause considerable structural damage to your property, as well as encourage the growth of mould.

Signs that you may have a slow leak include:

  • The sound of dripping water with no obvious cause
  • Damp spots on the walls or ceiling
  • A smell of damp
  • Wall cracks
  • Wet floors
  • Puddles outside when there’s been no rain recently
  • A foul odour

If you notice any of these signs, we recommend requesting our leak detection service to check what the cause of the problem is.

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When is a leak an emergency?

If a pipe has burst inside the house, you can obtain temporary relief by turning the water off at the main shut-off valve (normally located at the front of the property). If a pipe has burst outside your property, you won’t be able to shut off the flow of water. In these circumstances, you are dealing with a plumbing emergency, not least because you may be billed for the water that’s pouring from the pipe (depending on where the burst has occurred – it may be your responsibility or that of the water board).

If your shut-off valve is jammed for some reason, you will also have a leak on your hands that requires emergency attention.

Even if you have managed to halt the flooding, if water has trickled through your electrics, we recommend switching off the power and, once the leak has been repaired, having the electrics checked professionally before turning the power back on.

What to expect when you call us out

Whether you call us out to deal with a leak emergency or to complete a leak detection as a scheduled job, we’ll bring everything with us to get the job done.

For slow leaks, we’ll normally take a good look around your property, as well as possibly use specialist detection techniques, such as a CCTV camera on a cable, sound detection equipment, or, in some circumstances, radar equipment.

Once we’ve identified the location and cause of the problem, we’ll discuss appropriate options to resolve the problem. We pride ourselves on excellent communication with our customers, making sure they have all the information needed to decide on what’s going to be best for their property.

We will always provide a quote before going ahead with the work.

Depending on the nature of the remediation work required, we will either carry it out then and there or arrange to revisit when convenient.

Call us on (0408) 602 289.

Professional Leak Detection Ballina

If you need a leak detection specialist in Ballina, our experienced plumbers are here to help. Locating leaking pipes can be harder than you think with layers of concrete and limited access, so it’s always essential to call an expert. 

If you’ve noticed water pooling, rising water bills, damp walls or dripping sounds, ignoring it could lead to huge repair costs and considerable property damage, so it’s important to get a plumber to find the leak straight away. 

At Jaypee Plumbing, we use a range of innovative leak detection techniques so your property is secure against water damage and any leaks are repaired properly.

Protect Your Property In Ballina

Water damage can be catastrophic for properties in Ballina, with repair costs including replacing carpets, replastering and plumbing repairs. Those small leaks which remain undetected can lead to further problems like damp, flooding, mould and increasing bills and the sooner they are dealt with, the better. 

If you have noticed excess water in your home, or you think you might have heard a dripping sound, it’s important to get an expert leak detection team to investigate further. 

Any plumbing work carried out in Ballina must be done by a qualified, licensed and registered professional to ensure the safety of your property.

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