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Renovating? You Need a Professional Plumber!

Renovating your home is exciting, but there are many professionals you need to make sure that everything gets done correctly. This means you might be looking for tradesmen such as an electrician, a plasterer, and a plumber in Ballina. 

At Jaypee Plumbing, we are trained and experienced in many kinds of plumbing jobs and we can help you get your plumbing system in place in your newly renovated property. Besides getting the work done professionally and correctly, here are some other reasons to have a professional plumber as part of your renovation work.

Permits & Codes

A licensed plumber is able to meet all the local codes for doing plumbing work on a renovation and is able to get the proper permits before the work begins. Doing this kind of job without these considerations can result in fines but is also unsafe. It’s better to let a professional handle the red tape so that everything is done according to regulations and guidelines. 

Safety Procedures & Precautions

As mentioned above, a plumber is able to do renovation work safely. When you attempt it one your own, you run the risk of injury, which can slow the job and can be serious enough to cost you time and money, as well as interfering with other parts of your life. At the same time, work that isn’t done properly can lead to safety issues down the road, such as structural damage, flooding, mould and mildew and health problems so it’s always safer to let a plumber take care of renovation tasks. 

Tools & Training

A plumber is trained to do renovation work, but also arrives at the work site with the proper tools to get it done right. You might have a few of these tools on hand, but our plumbers have everything needed to finish a plumbing renovation in your home without concern about doing the job improperly or unsafely. If you don’t have the training or the tools, it’s best to let the experts handle it. 

Fast & Efficient

Because we’re trained in plumbing for a renovation, you can expect our work to be faster and more efficient than DIY plumbing jobs. We won’t speed through it and do a poor job, but we are able to get the entire project finished according to the project manager’s timeline without compromising safety or quality. 

Choose Jaypee!

Are you renovating your property and need a plumber in Ballina? Call us here at Jaypee Plumbing or use our online enquiry form to find out more about how we can help.

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